Realization of self-leveling Screeds
  • The self-leveling screed is used in construction to obtain a smooth surface with different degrees of resistance depending on the type of floor to be installed.
  • The screed is a compound that is usually poured on the concrete slab with the purpose of leveling or bringing it to a certain level.
  • The thickness can vary from 1 to 30mm, but there are also products that can be cast in thicknesses of up to 100mm.
  • It ensures increased mechanical resistance, and the drying time can be extremely short, depending on the manufacturer, which allows the parquet to be installed even after 24 hours.
  • Pouring the screed must be performed by specialists because it is a complex, precise and very important procedure for construction.
  • A wrongly poured screed attracts many problems: getting an uneven floor, cracking or coming off it.
  • Before starting work, check the support layer.
  • It must be dry, stable, dust-free, without traces of oil or paint.
  • The flatness is checked and the material is calculated according to the desired final height.
  • Cleaning the support surface.
  • Applying the adhesion primer.
  • Preparation of the screed.
  • The composition is poured.
  • It is leveled with a notched trowel.
  • Remove air bubbles using a spiked stencil.
what materials we use

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We use and sell screed primers, epoxy resins, self-leveling screeds, Uzin, Mapei, Bona.
Amorsa sapa Mapei

Mapei's hoe primer

Amorsa sapa Uzin

Uzin shovel primer

Sapa Autonivelanta Mapei

Mapei Self-Leveling Hoe

Rasina Exotica Bona

Resin Exotica Bona

Sapa Autonivelanta Uzin

Factory Self-Leveling Hoe

Rasina Exotica

Exotic resin



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