Parquet installation
About Parquet installation
  • Installing wooden floors is our specialty.
  • The accumulated experience, teams of professionals and equipment with the latest generation tools and equipment allow us to offer professional solutions to our customers for solid parquet, laminated parquet, parquet for bathrooms, parquet for underfloor heating.
  • We can create special models, combining essences of indigenous wood (oak, walnut, cherry, ash, acacia, paltin) or exotic (wenge, zebrano, IPE, jatoba, sucupira, rosewood, olive, teak, doussie, iroco, merbau).
  • We are approved fitters for Barlinek, Giant, Solidfloor, Stockl, Designparquet.
  • The large number of completed projects that have brought satisfaction to our customers recommends us as a serious partner.
Parquet Installation Instructions
  • The parquet mounting surface must be flat, dry, clean and stable. The humidity of the cement-based support below 2% and for anhydrous support below 0.5%.
  • Room temperature 18-24°C and humidity 45-60%.
  • The acclimatization period to room conditions is for solid parquet at least 7 days, for layered parquet at least 48 hours.
  • The expansion joint (work) is left around the perimeter, taking into account the size of the room, the type of parquet and the parquet assembly model.
  • The parquet plinth covers the expansion joint. The plinth can be installed by gluing or mechanically (screws, nails).
  • For massive parquet, installation by gluing with bicomponent adhesive is recommended. For layered parquet, installation can be done by gluing with silane adhesive or floating installation.
what materials we use

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We are approved installers for top flooring suppliers Barlinek, Solid Floor, Stockl, Giant, Indus Parquet, Designparquet. We are distributors of ecological, professional parquet products Uzin, Mapei (parquet adhesives, parquet varnishes, parquet oils, parquet primers, parquet putties, epoxy resins).

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Instrucțiuni Montare Parchet
  • Suprafața de montare parchet trebuie să fie plană, uscată, curată ți stabilă. Umiditatea suportului pe bază de ciment sub 2% iar pentru suport anhidric sub 0.5%.
  • Temperatura încăperii 18-24°C iar umiditatea 45-60%.
  • Perioada de aclimatizare la condițiile încăperii este pentru parchet masiv minim 7 zile, pentru parchet stratificat minim 48 de ore.
  • Perimetral se lasă rostul de dilatare (lucru) ținând cont de dimensiunea încăperii, tipul de parchet si modelul de montaj parchet.
  • Plinta parchet acoperă rostul de dilatare.Montajul plintei se poate face prin lipire sau mecanic (șuruburi, cuie).
  • Pentru parchet masiv se recomandă montaj prin lipire cu adeziv bicomponent.Pentru parchet stratificat montajul poate fi prin lipire cu adeziv silanic sau montaj flotant.
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